Friday, January 29, 2021

 Here is an example of the sample legislation several of us are promoting to the legislature. It's not perfect but is an attempt at SIMPLE legislation for mediical marijuana patients to have home cultivation

-Peter Rosenfeld

Medical Cannabis Home Cultivation Program

 This bill authorizes any registered medical marijuana patient or their caretaker to cultivate medical cannabis plants in their home. It also allows a medical marijuana patient to designate another medical marijuana patient to cultivate for them if they are unable.

Each medical marijuana patient or their caretaker or their designated patient grower may cultivate up to 6 mature plants and 6 seedlings, but with no more than 12 mature plants and 12 seedlings per household.

Any medical marijuana patient who designates another patient to grow for them must register with the New Jersey Medical Marijuana Program, their registration stating which medical marijuana patient they have designated to grow for them.  The state will then issue a Designated Grower permit to that designated patient.

Patients practicing home cultivation must have a copy of their medical marijuana program card displayed at their grow site, and a copy of their Designated Grower permit, if applicable, also displayed.

Patients can only grow in a location within their residence that is not visible or accessible to the general public.

Patients practicing home cultivation will still be allowed to purchase cannabis from the state’s medical cannabis dispensaries up to their monthly quantity authorized by their health care practitioner.

This bill also authorizes the state’s Alternative Treatment Centers/dispensaries to sell to patients seeds, plants, cuttings and growing equipment.

This bill also allows private testing companies to test home cultivated plant samples, testing for contaminants and cannabinoid levels.

This bill requires the Cannabis Regulatory Commission to monitor the Medical Marijuana  Home Cultivation program, sending out questionnaires to the patients and talking to local police and the state’s medical cannabis dispensaries to identify any issues with the home cultivation program and generate possible solutions to these issues. The director of the CRC will submit a yearly report to the New Jersey Department of Health and the state legislature summarizing their findings.


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