Sunday, May 17, 2009

Getting NJ Medical Marijuana Bill Passed

This is a blurry photo that I took when the NJ Senate passed bill S119, the "New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act" , on Feb.23, 2009. Since then, the Assembly version, A804, has been sitting in the Health and Senior Services Committee. If it ever gets out of committee it is likely to pass the full Assembly and the Governor has said he will sign it. But if it doesn't get out for a vote this session, I believe the process has to start over again from the beginning. Not to mention that medical marijuana patients are getting arrested in NJ while no action is taken, not to mention the thousands of serious ill New Jerseyans who could benefit from the bill during this time.

Please everybody, write the members of the Assembly Health and Senior Service Committee asking them to move this bill out as soon as possible. You can go to and click on "Health and Senior Services" on the right and you'll get a list of the member names. Click on the individual members names to email them or get their phone numbers and call them. Especially Chairman Herb Conaway, who can be emailed through his website:
Note that some H&SS Committee members, like Connie Wagner, are cosponsors of the bill and have worked hard to get the bill to where it is.

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