Monday, June 15, 2009

Harborside Health Center THC Expo Video

Harborside Health Center THC Expo Video

Video link From James Anthony who says, " Harborside Health Center: Oakland's premier medical cannabis dispensing collective--watch the video on youtube. See how it's done. (My client and one of the successful operating models for Harborside Management Associates, a separate and independent entity.)" This from the THCExpo in LA this week.

Comment generated on Facebook about this link:

Kevin Long - "WOW Where is that place? How about that coming to NJ?"

Kevin Long - "After watching that video, how can one not want to help people? That place really looks like it would do WONDERS for LOTS of people... I like the acupuncture and such to help with the therapy... Thanks for posting... Imagine this really spreading across our country to help anyone who needs it... Sincere Thanks for all you do...."

Peter Rosenfeld - "This seems to be basically what the NJ Assembly Health and Senior Services committee wants. I can't disagree with that."

Kevin Long - Are you kidding Peter...??? Is this what you get out of it? Ya... well I DISAGREE... with the limitations they put forth on what stipulates acceptable Medical use.... Lets stop kidding ourselves with the restrictions they put on AFTER the Senate vote... I have cervical myelopathy and cervical disk damage. I am EXCLUDED from the new bill put forth... BULLSHIT as I have avoided surgery to date cause of Medical Marijuana. Yet,,, I will be excluded from this... ITS BULL!!! Tell me I am wrong???

Peter Rosenfeld - "I was referring to the non-profit Alternative Treatment Centers (ATCs). They want all patients to get their medicine from these. There's nothing in the Assembly version that says NJ's ATC's can't be like there.

Yes, I agree, the other restrictions are ridiculous. That's the irony. They have much more restrictions, by far, than any other MM state, they appear very afraid of letting anything here in NJ that might resemble California, yet they want state sponsored distribution centers, something no other state has.

btw - even though your condition is excluded, the Health Department could easily add it in soon after the bill is passed. But I suggest you write to your assemblyman and especially members of the health committee asking why they excluded conditions such as yours. Also write letters to the editor. I'm sorry I sounded flip. I'm in exactly the same boat as you, same medical condition and all.

Oh - minus the clones, of course, since the Assembly version doesn't allow home growing but requires you to pay out of pocket ( since insurance doesn't cover it) for expensive ATC medicine. But maybe we could do it cheaper here than in California. I hope, at least. I was looking at Harborside Health's price list when I was out at Oakland last year... Read More and it's $60+ per 1/8th of an ounce for their "top self". Since many patients here tell me they use 2 ounces a month, that would be nearly $1000 per month. The Assembly restricts distribution by the ATCs to 1 ounce per month, so that's a cost saver, I guess :-("

Kevin Long - "Hello Peter, Thanks for the reply. I hope we can somehow convince these lunatics how safe MMJ really is when used responsibly. I do write letters but always using the templates that Norml, DPA, MPP, etc. send out. I DO need to work on a PROFESSIONAL letter geared toward my specific ailments. MMJ has so many uses... I guess its going to take a ... Read Morelittle more time to convince people that we are NOT just trying to be STONERS... EVEN THOUGH I DO AGREE, that Marijuana should ALSO be available for recreation use (minus the stoner stereotype). I do not mean ABUSE. I mean at the end of the day if one wants to indulge in a little cannabis, similiar in fashion to a glass of wine or beer, they should be allowed to without any FEAR. I am the first to admit I used MJ recreationally BEFORE I realized how much it was actually helping me medically. I wondered why my pain threshold was so high. It was the MJ. Anyway... I just added you as a friend... Will talk more soon... Have a great day friend! :-)

Kevin Long - " Hey Peter, isn't it funny how the authorities put all these street prices on MJ. They sure know how much money is being made ON THE BLACK MARKET... You think they would want to change that??? I once said, even though you could allow people to grow there own, not everyone would want too. I mean think about this. We all can currently grow tomatoes in... Read More our back yards, but we still go to the store to buy them. I mean if they allowed people to have say 6 of there own plants, not everyone would want it. They would still need to purchase it from a caregiver or whatever. Well from all I am reading, the dominoes are falling. Be sure to watch Anderson Cooper all week at 10 pm. Gonna have special on MJ. CYA...:-) Sorry to go off on tangents as I try to communicate everything in one post ;-P (it can't be done) hahaha"

Peter Rosenfeld- "The ATCs are important for other reasons. If you just got diagnosed with cancer and expect to undergo chemo in a couple of weeks, you don't have 3 months or more to wait to grow your own. Or you may simply have no place to grow your own. Plus ATCs could be a great place to organize medical care and support for people beyond just MM"

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