Friday, February 18, 2011

Gov. Christie and Legislature approach deadline

Gov. Christie refuses ‘adult conversation’ about medical marijuana

by Chris Goldstein - A rare standoff between the Legislature and the Governor over the medical marijuana program has now steered New Jersey into uncharted waters within the Constitution.

Governor Chris Christie wants all the medical cannabis in The Garden State to be just three genetic strains, all containing less than 10% THC. The mid-grade pot would also come with orders for the state to intrude into the doctor/patient relationship.

Residents who live here with AIDS, cancer, Crohn’s Disease and other conditions that would qualify want something better from the compassionate use law that passed last year.

The Legislature is backing these potential medical marijuana patients and is currently moving to invalidate the contentious rules. Although the process was threatened under previous administrations no Governor has even taken it this far, with another deadline set to expire on Monday 2/21.

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