Monday, March 21, 2011

New Jersey Licenses Six Alternative Treatment Centers for Medical Marijuana

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New Jersey Licenses Six Alternative Treatment Centers for Medical Marijuana

On March 21, 2011 New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS)announced the winning applications for the medical marijuana Alternative Treatment Centers (ATCs) in the Garden State.
Twenty-one applicants submitted exhaustive business plans along with a $20,000 filing fee.

The successful non-profit applicants are:
· Breakwater Alternative Treatment Center, Corp., Ocean, Central Region; The ATC would be located in Manalapan, Monmouth County.

· Compassionate Care Centers of America Foundation Inc. (CCCAF), Jersey City, Central Region; The ATC would be located in New Brunswick, Middlesex County.

· Compassionate Care Foundation Inc., West Trenton, Southern Region; The ATC would be located in Bellmawr, Camden County.

· Compassionate Sciences, Inc. ATC, Sea Cliff, NY, Southern Region; The location of the ATC is undetermined, but will be located in either Burlington or Camden County.

· Foundation Harmony, Cliffside Park, Northern Region; The ATC would be in Secaucus, Hudson County.

· Greenleaf Compassion Center, Montclair, Northern Region; The ATC would be in Montclair, Essex County.

However the regulations governing the facilities have not been finalized and remain in a hard-fought Legislative dispute.

Ken Wolski the executive director of The Coalition for Medical Marijuana--New Jersey (CMMNJ) said,"We certainly wish the successful applicants luck because patients need legal marijuana as soon as possible. However, we have serious doubts that these non-profit organizations will be able to develop a working program with the overly restrictive regulations proposed by DHSS. CMMNJ still supports the legislative Resolution to invalidate significant parts of the DHSS regulations."

Fifteen states and the District of Columbia now have laws that protect patients who use marijuana with a doctor’s recommendation. For more info, contact:

CONTACT: Ken Wolski, RN, MPA, Executive Director 609 394 2137


  1. Good news \ bad news... some progress none the less.

  2. I sent this to cmmnj A few minutes ago with my contact info
    Dear CMMNJ,
    Damn right I would love to speak in support of medical marijuana. A total quadriplegic since 1976, I have had 24 hour a day pain equivalent to a dentist drilling the nerve of your tooth without Novocain. How do I know? I tried it once for comparison by not telling the dentist that the Novocain had worn off. The pain began after a surgeon unsuccessfully tried to remove a dorsal column stimulator pad lead from my dorsal column aprox 2 months after he put it in.

    "Ut Oh" he said as extreme pain in my feet and legs immediately started

    "It's stuck" he continued

    Today, the dorsal column stimulator pad is still in and the pain is still there.

    Traditional painkillers cause hallucinations, liver and kidney failure and countless other problems.

    Call, write or e-mail me at your convenience.
    (end of letter I sent)

    Noting that he did the Dorsal column stimulator procedure (to control spasms which it did not do) without putting me to sleep Because I had no feeling or sensation due to my original paralysis (breaking my neck) and also noting that I had no pain before the procedure, I sure had feeling afterwards. Only pain, nonstop agonizing pain. Docs comfortably retired, he charged to put it in, he charged to attempt to take it out and cause me pain and he charged again a couple months later to tell he was unable to take it out and there was nothing he could do about the pain. Have a nice day.

    Also quite coincidentally of or not, the person I share the hospital room with walked in for the same procedure for except for (pain control). Doc paralyzed him and caused more pain. Have a nice day.

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