Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Breaking: John Ray Wilson taken into custody over Medical Marijuana

New Jersey MS Patient Sent to Prison over Medical Marijuana

John Ray Wilson was taken into custody today at the Somerset County Courthouse. He will begin serving a 5-year prison sentence. The 38-year-old MS patient was found with seventeen cannabis plants in 2008. After serving five weeks in prison in 2010, Wilson was allowed to remain with his family pending an appeal. The NJ Appellate Division upheld his conviction and sentence in late July. Wilson appeared before Superior Court Judge Angela Borkowski in a hearing today to consider a continuation of his bail.

Judge Borkowski ruled that her court was not an appropriate jurisdiction to deviate from the trial decision and appellate court affirmation. Any bail appeal should be made to the Appellate Division.

Ken Wolski, executive director of the Coalition for Medical Marijuana New Jersey (CMMNJ) was in the courtroom today.

“CMMNJ is still hopeful there is a chance for justice in the state Supreme Court. But we are very disappointed that John is back in jail.”

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