Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Open Letter to Governor Christie: Another hospice patient dies in needless pain

January 20, 2012

Dear Governor Christie,

I am writing to you in regard to the Medical Marijuana (MM) issue. Recently, I lost my mom. She was receiving hospice services at home after her return from the hospital. She was being administered morphine, methadone and God knows what else. After her hospital stay she became worse and at home all hospice could do was to medicate her and assist her in what they deem a comfortable death experience.

I contacted a doctor at Hackensack Medical Center that was enrolled in the MM program that had the permission to write a MM prescription. However, I was told that the program was on hold and that he could not follow through and that dispensaries were not yet in place. My moms’ pain management physician was all for it but had no idea how to do it. I had a contact that manufactures MM for California dispensaries but due to Federal law I could not attain it and I was not going to attempt anything illegal. I called the Governor’s office but that was as frustrating as anything could ever be. I’m not saying that the MM treatment could have saved my mom but maybe it could have managed the pain better and induced some appetite rather than having her literally starve to death and more or less dry up inside from the medication that was given her. Maybe it could have given her a few weeks of peace and happiness. Is that so bad?

All life is precious and sacred and particularly to me in this case. This was my one and only mom and I wanted to leave no stone unturned. Some research says that MM can destroy cancerous brain cells. The hold that pharmaceuticals seem to have on our system is not only ludicrous but also criminal. The intent of lawmakers seems just as bad. I’m not saying that MM should be available for recreational use but I’m not so sure it shouldn’t be either since alcohol and tobacco are much worse. At least make it available to hospice patients.

Why is New Jersey always the last with everything? Can’t we for once step up and be a leader. I voted for you and believed in you but now I’m not so sure about either party with the mess our nation is in. It seems that politicians / lawmakers are always putting themselves first and forgetting about the well being of the people, the individual and our nation.

I am a singer songwriter musician. I’ve just produced a music video called “Home America”. I’m telling you this because I put my effort and time into this because I love this country and I want you to know this. I may not be a scholar but I am no simpleton either. Please visit my video at: www.charleslallo.com. Also I’ve had the good fortune to have star of stage and screen, actor/singer Danny Aiello also record my song on his latest album called “Bridges”. I intend to do my part to make our nation better beginning right here in New Jersey; this state that I truly love being a part of, raised and bred.

As people we have to stop appearing to be doing the right things and begin to truly do the right things. This MM issue can be dispensed, marketed and presented in a way that can enlighten people to doing things in a certain way, in a way that is beneficial for everyone. We need to be educated in the essence of human nature and the sacredness of life. Let’s make the MM issue work for us and not for the underground community.

Needless to say I have anger in my heart because I have been personally affected by my mom’s death. I believe the scenario could have been different if we had a more clear perspective and open hearts and minds on this subject of MM. This is a God-given plant. My mom was in great shape at the age of 90. People’s first reaction is that she had a full life and at 90 maybe her time was due. This may be so but then again there is not a rule book that says one must die at 90 or 80 or even 60. People are living longer these days and if we were a more enlightened society this could be. But instead we choose to poison our foods, our air, our water and even our thoughts. Our capitalist society is suffering because we have sacrificed our integrity. Capitalism is great when integrity and caring are implemented factors.

She didn’t have to die and MM would not have turned her into a drug addict at age 90. God gave us this plant that has been used throughout the ages as a medicinal. It is natural and some may make the arguments that so are heroin and cocaine natural. Well, cocaine is not natural. In its natural form it is the cocoa leaf, which is still used in South America to help with menstrual cramps, fever and many other ailments. It is the warped sense of humankind that turns it into the dangerous substance of cocaine. As for heroin, I believe that with pure and proper intent it can be used to help those with deep psychological problems and trauma under strict restricted use. But as people we are so greedy, corrupt and downright evil all too often. It is time for America to wake up and become somewhat enlightened to the fact that no nation can stand divided and that now more than ever we need to care for each other and recognize truth and righteousness and not put up a fa├žade. I wish I could have your ear and the opportunity to make this argument. I believe I am correct in my thinking and perspective and not carry the frustration of not being able to make my case.

I thank you for reading this and I hope your aides do allow this to get through to you. I am one that was in favor of you being our president but then again you are only human and that means that you are not perfect either. Therefore, I ask that you keep an open mind and heart and do this MM in a way that helps. There is no known lethal dose for MM. I’m sure every drug addict began with marijuana and every alcoholic with a beer. But not everyone that smoked a joint or drank a beer becomes an addict. Please consider what I am saying. Thank you again.

Very truly and respectfully yours,

Charles A. Lallo Jr.


  1. Ken,

    Governor Christi and others who continue to deny Americans the use of medical marijuana lack compassion. Compassion is an Action, not an emotion.

    I discovered your site, www.cmmnj.org, while looking for States that allow the use of medical marijuana for PTSD. I use medical marijuana for PTSD. It provides me with a quality of life that is not available from the prescriptions that the VA provides to us as veterans.

    I am hoping to relocate to one of those States. God has carried me for many years, providing me safety from becoming a criminal. If not for the fact that I also have an aging Mother whom I care deeply about I would have moved to California many years ago.

    Like Charles we should not have to live this short and precious life with the fear of becoming criminals because of the debate over medical marijuana. We live in a State that is the home of many chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Aside from the alcohol companies it is they that have the greatest to lose from the use of marijuana. Marijuana is not just a medicine, but there are hundreds of uses of hemp. I would like to believe that groups and organizations such as yours are making progress to end the debate. However as it was in Vietnam, we won the battles but lost the war.

    It is sad that I find similarities to that with the way that Governor Christi has altered the plan to allow dispensaries after the State of New Jersey approved the measure to allow the use of medical marijuana.

    Gerry Spence once said, ''We should never allow the Debate to become more important than
    the Truth.” Mr. Spence was not referring to the medical marijuana debate but I have always believed that the quote is so very applicable to it.

    Blessings and thanks,

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