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CMMNJ October 14th Meeting Agenda

Monthly Public Meeting Agenda 
Lawrence Township Library, Room #3
Tuesday, October 14, 2014 
7:00 PM -- 9:00 PM

Approve September 2014 minutes.  Discuss:

There will NOT be a November 2014 CMMNJ meeting at the library due to the Veterans Day holiday.

"CMMNJ TV"--tapings at Princeton Community TV Studio continue; next taping will be 11/4/14.

Don DeZarn fights for medical marijuana workplace protection at Princeton University.

NJ bills: A3726 (PTSD); A3525/S2312 (MMP fix); S1896/A3094 (legalize); A218 (decrim).

Upcoming Events:
Legalize Marijuana Rally, Trenton, NJ on Saturday, 10/18/14—march from the Riverline at 2 pm to the Statehouse at 3:30 pm for speeches and optional civil
disobedience at 4:20 pm.
Medical Marijuana patient Chris Donahue's trial, 10/21/14, Doylestown, PA.
Medical Marijuana Demonstrations continue each Thursday at the Statehouse 11am–1pm.
Kevin Sabet talks about marijuana at Glassboro, NJ on 10/30/14, 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Recent events: NORML NJ meeting, 9/8/14 at 7pm at Joe’s Mill Hill Saloon, Trenton, NJ.
Boston Freedom Festival, 9/13 & 14—CMMNJ did not have a table.
March in Philadelphia 9/6/14 at 12:30 pm, 5th and Market Sts.
“Medical Marijuana: Myths & Medicine,” PA State Nurses Assn., 9/18/14, DeSales University.
“Ignorance is No Excuse” tour distributes the MMP A.G. guidelines to local P.D.’s.

Treasury report: Checking: $3778; PayPal: $3583. CMMNJ is selling hand-rolled hemp bracelets/necklaces from Romania @ $3 each or 2/$5.

CMMNJ's meetings are the second Tuesday of each month from 7 - 9 PM at the Lawrence Twp. Library, 2751 Brunswick Pike, Lawrence Twp., Tel. #609.882.9246.  All are welcome.  (Meeting at the library does not imply Mercer County’s endorsement of our issue.)

More info:  Ken Wolski, RN, (609) 394-2137 ohamkrw@aol.com http://www.cmmnj.org

Facebook: Friends of CMMNJ: https://www.facebook.com/groups/62462971150/?fref=ts

CMMNJ, a 501(c)(3) public charity, is a non-profit educational organization.

Monthly Public Meeting Minutes 
September 9, 2014 

August 2014 minutes approved.

Carolyn Piro was voted onto the Board of CMMNJ to replace Diane Fornbacher, a “medical marijuana refugee” who fled to Colorado in order to obtain access to her medicine. Carolyn is a licensed clinical social worker who works with trauma patients.

CMMNJ Board member Ed Hannaman, Esq., will propose formal medical marijuana regulatory changes (Petition for Rulemaking) to DOH.  Ken to send PTSD studies to Carolyn to review.

“CMMNJ TV”--tapings at Princeton Community TV Studio; next taping 9/23/14.

Don DeZarn continues his fight for medical marijuana workplace protection at Princeton University.  He is currently on paid leave of absence from P.U. Excellent media coverage.  CMMNJ is grateful to Don for his heroic activism on behalf of patients everywhere.

Next NJ legislative starts the end of September. Several marijuana bill are already introduced: A3525/S2312 (MMP fix); S1896/A3094 (legalization); and, A218 (decrim).

Upcoming Events: Medical Marijuana patient Chris Donahue’s trial in Doylestown, PA will continue on 10/21/14.  He is trying for jury nullification.
NORML NJ meeting, 9/8/14 at 7pm at Joe’s Mill Hill Saloon, Trenton, NJ--poor attendance.
Boston Freedom Festival, 9/13 & 14—CMMNJ to table next to PhillyNORML.
March in Philadelphia 9/6/14 at 12:30 pm, 5th and Market Sts.
“Medical Marijuana: Myths & Medicine,” PA State Nurses Assn., 9/18/14, DeSales University.

Recent events: Jennie Stormes, RN demonstrates each Thursday at the Statehouse 11am–1pm.
“Ignorance is No Excuse” tour distributes the MMP A.G. guidelines to local P.D.’s.
Jim Price is working to fix disabled emails from GoDaddy—CMMNJ agendas.

Treasury report: Checking: $3852; PayPal: $3596. CMMNJ is selling hand-rolled hemp bracelets/necklaces from Romania @ $3 each or 2/$5; Sissy offered to attach dog tags.
Billboard update.

More info:  Ken Wolski, RN, (609) 394-2137 ohamkrw@aol.com http://www.cmmnj.org

CMMNJ, a 501(c)(3) public charity, is a non-profit educational organization.

Recent Media Coverage and Blogs:

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