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CMMNJ Monthly Zoom Meeting Agenda for November 2020

CMMNJ Monthly Zoom Meeting Agenda for November 10, 2020 at 7 pm 

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Meeting ID: 817 7898 1583; Passcode: 671406

Agenda: Approve the October 2020 minutes.

New Jersey Elections Results: Question 1 - Legalize Marijuana 

YES - 2,075,195 (66%)

NO -  1,028,104 (33%)

(As of 11/6/20 with 4,737 of 6,348 Precincts Reporting - 74.62%)

Many thanks to the friends, family, colleagues, advocates, organizations, patients and voters who made this possible. It was not just an election victory, it was a thorough repudiation of the war on marijuana in every county in New Jersey! Our state is now on track to become healthier, wealthier and safer!!

Governor Murphy Announces Cannabis Regulatory Commission AppointmentsDianna Houenou, Chair, & Jeff Brown, Executive Director. Good choices!

NJ Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing: 11/9/20 at 10 am

S21 Cannabis Regulatory, Enforcement Assistance, & Marketplace Modernization Act; legalizes personal use cannabis for certain adults, subject to regulation by Cannabis Regulatory Commission; removes marijuana as Schedule I drug.

S2535 Marijuana-provides criminal and civil justice reforms; 

 A1897 Marijuana-decriminalizes 10 grams;

Testimony should be submitted to

Assembly Oversight, Reform and Federal Relations Committee Hearing, 11/09/20 - 10:00 AM:

A-21 - Quijano/Holley/Timberlake/McKnight/Danielsen "New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory, Enforcement Assistance, and Marketplace Modernization Act."

Written testimony should be submitted to  

Assembly Appropriations Committee

Thursday, November 12, 2020 - 10:30 AM

 A-21, Quijano/Holley/Timberlake/McKnight/Danielsen  - "New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory, Enforcement Assistance, and Marketplace Modernization Act."

Due to the public health emergency, the State House Annex remains closed to visitors. The public may not attend the Committee meeting in person but may view and participate in the meeting via the New Jersey Legislature home page at The public may submit written testimony electronically in lieu of oral testimony. Written testimony will be included in the Committee record and distributed to all the Committee members. 

CMMNJ's Adult-use Cannabis Legalization Implementation Recommendations:

Decriminalization: Pass into law S 2535.

Homegrow: allow registered NJ patients to grow 6 plants, which provides inexpensive, strain-specific access to this medicine. 

Equitable Cannabis Industry Licensing: Rebuild individuals and communities damaged by the marijuana wars.

De-schedule Cannabis: See Office of Attorney General hearings from April 2018.

Medical Issues: Vigorous implementation of the Jake Honig law.

Release Cannabis Prisoners: release all those currently incarcerated for nonviolent cannabis offenses, and expunge nonviolent cannabis offenses from their records, without cost to the inmates or former inmates. 

Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC): Continue staffing the CRC with individuals who have proven, through their education and experience, that they are knowledgeable about the Endocannabinoid System and supportive of cannabis reform. 

CMMNJ also endorses the Platform of Regulations from Doctors for Cannabis Regulation (DFCR):

• Government oversight of cannabis production, testing, distribution, and sales

• Detailed labeling of cannabis products with health and safety information

• Prevention of non-medical underage cannabis use through:

• Evidence-based education about the risks of cannabis use

• Child-resistant packaging

• A ban on packaging, marketing, and advertising that attracts underage users

• Penalties for adults who enable diversion

• Taxation of adult-use cannabis to fund equity programs for communities harmed by the drug war

• Protected rights for limited home cultivation of cannabis

• Expungement of cannabis arrests, charges, and convictions from criminal records

• Diversity in all sectors of the cannabis industry

David L. Nathan, MD, DFAPA, President, Board of Directors

NJ Medical Marijuana Program: 

The Appellate court continues to halt the progress of 196 applications for 24 additional NJ medical marijuana licenses. Court hearing soon? More delays?

Home delivery still not happening.

Patients Out of Time has created a coalition of organizations and individuals to demand the end of federal cannabis prohibition with their resolution to De-Schedule Cannabis. Please share widely: 

The POT resolution:

Home cultivation for patients--sign the petition: Let Patients Grow NJ. Also, visit the website: Let Patients Grow NJ #JeffsLaw. 

“Cannabis: A Handbook for Nurses” by Carey S. Clark

Upcoming Events: 

Thanksgiving Giveaway of donated food, clothing and personal hygiene items to the homeless and poor of Trenton at the Sativa Cross Podcast, Trenton State House, 11/26/20, 11am to 2 pm.

Recent Events: 

Sativa Cross Podcast, Trenton State House, 10/22/20

“Seniors and Medical Marijuana,” Princeton Senior Resource Center via Zoom, 10/23/20.

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Hemp wristbands also available.

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