Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Photos: CMMNJ John Ray Wilson Rally

Photo Essay: CMMNJ John Wilson rally 8/21/09

The Coalition for Medical Marijuana New Jersey held a support rally for John Ray Wilson in front of the Somerset County Courthouse on August 21, 2009.

Wilson faces 20 years in state prison after being caught with 17 marijuana plants. He says he has used cannabis therapy to treat his multiple sclerosis. Watch an NJN video about John

John's case is being tried by the state Attorney General's Office who, ironically, recommended that the legislature pass The Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act this year.

Recently the Judge in his criminal trial allowed the prosecution to argue that John cannot even mention to the jury that he has MS. More about the ruling

The rally for John was well attended by local advocates and covered well by television, radio and print media.

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  1. To any human who does not see the logic and reason in allowing the terminally or seriously ill access to medical marijuana:

    I can only say that I pray and hope that you never have a family member suffering from one of the illnesses which it can treat. Watching my brother-in-law be literally die of starvation while being denied the simple relief of one of nature's bounties was one of the worst experiences of my life. Knowing full well that his appetite could increase and his pain be decreased brought me to offer to find someone who could help him. His respect for the law would not allow him this transgression, even in his direst of times. He died a law-abiding man.

    Our laws should not have shortened his life, nor should they cause anyone pain and suffering which can be alleviated.

    It is time for reason to rule the day.
    Marijuana is medicine.