Saturday, October 31, 2009

John Wilson Trial Date Set

CMMNJ's Jim Miller was at the Somerset County Courthouse on 10/30 for John Wilson's court hearing.

Despite a public call from two state Senators for a pardon the criminal trial against John is moving ahead.

CMMNJ is planning to have a supporting presence at the courthouse during all phases of the trial. The tentative dates are 12/14 for jury selection and 12/21 for opening arguments.

Jim was quoted and photographed in the following news article

Senators Push for Pardon of Franklin Man with MS Charged with Growing Medical Marijuana -
A four-year plea deal is on the table. But Lesniak said even that could ensure that Wilson would die behind bars.

Prosecuting people like Wilson "wasn't the intent of the legislation," of the drug manufacturing statute, Lesniak said. "It was designed to go after drug kingpins. This is hardly the case."

Wilson is facing two other charges, a second-degree manufacturing charge and a third-degree possession offense. The second-degree charge can bring five to 10 years in prison; a third-degree offense, three to five years.

Lesniak said they have not sought an outright pardon since Wilson must face consequences if found guilty. Community service would be a more appropriate sentence, Lesniak said. READ FULL ARTICLE

More about medical marijuana in New Jersey at

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