Sunday, November 1, 2009

Should Health Insurance Cover Medical Marijuana?

10/30/2009 by Chris Goldstein

On October 19th the Ocean County College in Tom's River, NJ hosted a debate on medical marijuana. A professor of Social Science, Brad Young, moderated. The opposition was Terrence Farley, a former county prosecutor and the now head of the NJ Narcotics Task Force Commanders Assn. Farley is a vehement prohibitionist and we've sparred over this topic on television programs before.

I represented the Coalition for Medical Marijuana - New Jersey

Neither of us saw the questions prior to the debate and this question was particularly interesting. As an added bonus you get to see me address some of the reefer madness we encounter locally.

Essentially, "Should medical marijuana be covered by health insurance."

Looking to see what started my rebuttal ? - watch the Previous Debate Segment.

So I pose the question to you all- Should medical cannabis be covered by health insurance?

More about medical marijuana in New Jersey at

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