Monday, November 2, 2009

Wilson Trial Support Rallys Planned

Wilson Trial Support Rallys

Despite a public call from two state Senators for a pardon, the criminal trial against John Ray Wilson is moving ahead.

John lives with MS and used cannabis therapy for treatment. He now faces 15 years in state prison for growing 17 marijuana plants.
Read more about John's case here

In August CMNNJ rallied at the Somerset County Courthouse.

Volunteers plan on having a supporting presence at the courthouse through all phases of John's trial.

The next date is December 14, 2009. Read More

John's case has garnered national attention for the aggressiveness of the prosecution. New Jersey's Office of the Attorney General is pursuing the case.

Senators push for pardon of Franklin man with MS charged with growing marijuana
A state appeals court rejected the attempt by his attorney, James Wronko of Somerville, to challenge that ruling while the case is ongoing. It could be the subject of a future appeal, he said.The two legislators are not only seeking the pardon but also pushing a bill titled "New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act." The bill would decriminalize possession and use of marijuana by state registered patients with debilitating illnesses. It would also establish treatment centers where patients can purchase the drug.

It passed the Senate in a 22-16 vote in February and awaits a vote in the Assembly.

Members of the Coalition for Medical Marijuana New Jersey stood outside the Somerset County Courthouse Friday morning as Wilson was appearing before Reed in a pre-trial conference. The members held signs advocating that marijuana for medicinal purposes be legalized.

Toms River resident Jim Miller, who co-founded the organization, became involved when his late wife Cheryl faced arrest for using marijuana to relieve her pain, said the organization will be stationed outside the courthouse when Wilson goes on trial in December.

Next to Miller on the sidewalk was an empty wheelchair that held his wife's picture.

"This entire block is going to be lined" with demonstrators during the trial, he said. "It would be nice if the governor steps in," he said. READ IN FULL

More about medical marijuana in New Jersey at

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  1. I was fortunate enough to go join the protesters during the local highschool's lunch break, even if it was only for 5 or 6 minutes. I got to meet some pretty awesome people and had the opportunity to help out a cause I believe in. Hopefully when me and my friends get older we can all help out in future protests. Good luck in the trial!