Wednesday, November 24, 2010

KenWolski: Marijuana therapy interruption is cruel

Marijuana therapy interruption is cruel
Wednesday, November 24, 2010

By Ken Wolski

The proposal by the state Board of Medical Examiners (BME) to make New Jersey doctors try to wean their patients off of medical marijuana every three months is simply another example of how the crafting of medical marijuana regulations is being driven by fear, ignorance and hostility ("Christie: Tighten rules on medical marijuana," Nov. 16).

The New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act is already the most restrictive of all such laws in the nation. The qualifying conditions are severely limited and include any patient with a diagnosis of less than 12 months to live. Now the BME is insisting that doctors periodically stop a medication that brings relief to a dying patient "in an effort to reduce the potential for abuse or dependence." It is absurd and cruel. Drug dependence is simply not an issue for a patient with only months to live.

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  1. This really is cruel. Chris Christie WANTS patients to suffer. This is the ONLY conclusion one can draw.

  2. Well, of course, we dont want no damn addicts running around wild in NJ…especially sick addicts; think of the children in our schools and the safety of our neighborhoods.

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