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CMMNJ Monthly Meeting Agenda for April 13, 2021

CMMNJ Monthly Zoom Meeting Agenda for April 13, 2021 at 7 pm 

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New York legalized recreational marijuana, on 3/31/21, immediately allowing anyone over the age of 21 to possess up to three ounces. Legal sales remain at least a year off. "This is a historic day in New York — one that rights the wrongs of the past by putting an end to harsh prison sentences, embraces an industry that will grow the Empire State's economy, and prioritizes marginalized communities so those that have suffered the most will be the first to reap the benefits," Cuomo said. NY adults can grow up to three mature and three immature plants at their home, up to 12 plants per household, six months from now for medical marijuana patients. For other adults, home grow will be allowed 18 months after marijuana sales take place. The NY Office of Cannabis Management will implement regulations. 

"New Jersey’s broken & indefensible marijuana laws are no more:" Gov. Murphy. “I’m thrilled, really!” said Ken Wolski, a Trenton native and resident, registered nurse, long-time legalize cannabis advocate, and executive director of the Coalition for Medical Marijuana-New Jersey. "It’s been a long haul trying to reform marijuana laws. It never should have been illegal in the first place. The governor signed it into law, and the arrests stop now, which is a big thing.”  

NJ police object to restrictions on minors. The governor signed the latest “cleanup” bill (S3565/A5472) to change the underage alcohol and weed use warning law. 

NJ legal weed changes on the way? New rules pushed for drug testing, underage marijuana use, Marijuana Lounges coming to NJ.

NJ is creating regulations for businesses that would sell marijuana. 

Adult Use Cannabis in New Jersey” NJ Nurse & Institute for Nursing Newsletter, April 2021, Pg. 11. 

Cannabis Regulatory Commission (CRC)

Charles Barker, a project specialist and cannabis advisor for U.S. Sen. Cory Booker, will join the state’s CRC after the makeup of the commission came under fire from the NAACP. Barker will take the place of William Wallace of the UFCW. The CRC will oversee the new adult cannabis and medical cannabis markets. Barker joins the DOH’s Maria Del Cid and Jeff Brown, the ACLU NJ’s Dianna Houenou, ex-Marine Sam Delgado, and social worker Krista Nash to develop the regulations to enact the laws.


The NJ DOH sent out a violation notice on March 11, indicating harvests from a Curaleaf strain known as Bananas Foster contained mold that was sold at GTI’s Rise in Paterson from mid December 2020 to January 2021. A recall and a 20% discount were issued to affected patients.

New Jersey’s 15th medical marijuana dispensary, The Botanist, will open in Williamstown, NJ, operated by Canadian cannabis company Acreage.

Home cultivation:

There is a bipartisan and bicameral support for a medical home-grow bill A5363/S3420 (Asw. Reynolds-Jackson; Senators Singleton, Gopal, O'Scanlon, & Bateman). This bill authorizes home cultivation of up to four mature cannabis plants and four immature cannabis plants in the residence of a registered patient or caregiver, for the patient’s personal medical use. 

“We have some of the most expensive medical marijuana in the country,” Wolski said on CBSN New York. “So many patients simply cannot afford this medicine.” 

Bill Caruso, an attorney with New Jersey United for Marijuana Reform said he’s “very confident” medical marijuana patients will soon gain approval to grow up to six plants at home for their own use.

Sign the petition: Let Patients Grow NJ; Website: Let Patients Grow NJ #JeffsLaw.

S3582/A5552 (Sen. Gopal/Asw. Downey & Asm. Houghtaling) legalizes growing or possessing up to six marijuana plants for personal recreational use, and up to 10 plants for personal medical use, by persons aged 21 or older.

S3407/A5435, (Sen. Cardinale/Asm. Auth) legalizes possession of six or fewer marijuana plants for any NJ adult. 

NJ marijuana advocates huddle on next steps, including home grow.

The penalty for growing ONE PLANT of cannabis is 3 to 5 years. Growing 10 or more plants will put you away for 10 to 20. The penalty for possessing one plant’s worth of pot is nothing. 

Court Case:

NJWeedman’s lawsuit: U.S. District Judge for NJ heard oral arguments 3/25/21.


The top lawmaker in the U.S. Senate: federal marijuana legalization is a priority for 2021.

White House: President Biden won’t stop firing staff for marijuana until it is federally legalized.

Drug Truth Network: 03/24/21 Katharine Neill Harris testified before the U.S. House Judiciary Committee on the failed war on drugs and solutions based on racial justice and harm reduction.

High Times: Delaware Advances Cannabis Legalization Bill for Full House Vote.

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts: Marijuana Legalization Will ‘Kill Your Kids’

Upcoming Events: 

Sativa Cross, Home Grow Demonstration, License to Grow, NJ State House, 4/20/21, 11 am – 4 pm. 

NJ Cannabis Insider Speakers Series & networking event, “Homegrow and hemp,” 4/13, 10 – 12 pm.

ASA National Medical Unity Conference, April 29 – 30, 2021.

International Medical Cannabis Patients Coalition, the 2nd of each month, 9 am.

The Rowan University Institute for Cannabis Research, Policy, and Workforce Development provides expertise and guidance for policymakers, health care professionals, pharmaceutical industries, government agencies, and businesses as it relates to the legalization of cannabis.

Mercer County Community College, NJ Cannabis Certification course on May 3. New Jersey Cannabis Trade Association (NJCTA) will provide six scholarships. Also offered at Raritan Valley CC

Cannabis and Autism, Facebook Live, 4/29/21, 6 PM EDT.

Black Cannabis Equity Initiative (BCEI) and the Cannabis Industry, "SOCIAL EQUITY CANNABIS LEGALIZATION IN NJ" 4/19/21, 3 – 5 pm.

Patients Out of Time, "The State of the Science," virtual conference, 5/20-22/2021. 

Shore Grow Hydro, Our “growing” event, Live Music Fresh Food Local Vendors, 4/17/21, 3-6pm.

Recent Events:  

International Medical Cannabis Patients Coalition Meeting, 4/2/21 via Zoom.

Black Cannabis Equity Initiative (BCEI) & the Cannabis Industry: "WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH AND CANNABIS SOCIAL EQUITY IN NJ”, 3/17/21.

Delaware Cannabis Advocacy Network: Cannabis Legalization Forum: Economic Impact, 3/18/21. Useful Resources.

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