Wednesday, December 16, 2009

ALERT: Judge allows John Wilson to mention MS at trial

Somerville - It was honest and sincere; it was the truth. On the stand in his own defense, John Wilson was allowed to tell the jury that he has Multiple Sclerosis.

“I told them I was not a drug dealer and I was using the marijuana to treat my MS.” John had been asked what he said to the State Police officers who arrived to investigate the 17 cannabis plants spotted by helicopter.

It seems Wilson has been truthful with law enforcement authorities about his intentions regarding the medical use of his marijuana from their first contact with him.

NBC 4 in NY was in the courtroom and correctly called the single-sentence event a "Stunning Reversal at Medical Marijuana Trial."

Here’s how it happened. Because of the Judge’s earlier limitation rulings, Defense Attorney James Wronko and Deputy Attorney General Russ Curley took great care in their lines of questioning when the defendant took the stand. Wilson could not offer anything regarding medical marijuana; that he has Multiple Sclerosis or that cannabis can help treat MS. John's testimony today was grueling with numerous and lengthy sidebars.

Earlier in the day Detective Sergeant William Peacock, head of the NJ State Police Marijuana Eradication Unit, testified that during their search of John’s property he could not recall asking what John intended to do with the cannabis plants. Another State Trooper on the scene testified that he did not recall any conversations either.

Yet since John has been up-front with everyone about how marijuana helps with his Multiple Sclerosis, even the cops who showed up at his doorstep in 2008, he was allowed to say it to the jury as well.



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