Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rally for John Wilson a success: Video

Somerville – Volunteers from CMMNJ and NORML-NJ demonstrated in front of the Somerset County Courthouse in support of MS patient John Wilson. Jury selection has begun in his trial where he faces 15-35 years for growing seventeen cannabis plants to treat his MS. Without healthcare it was something that brought him relief.

Although the rally was a success John continues to face an overzealous prosecution and a frightening potential sentence.

CMMNJ has rallied in support of John since his case emerged. When the judge in the trial barred John from ever telling the jury that he has MS the outrage was instant. Two state Senators have now asked for an Executive Pardon.

Thank you to all of the motivated CMMNJ volunteers who attended the rally! CMMNJ Board of Directors in attendance: Ken Wolski, Jim Miller, Ed Hannaman, Jim Bissell and Chris Goldstein. John’s trial is continuing, if you would like to participate in the daily presence at the courthouse, please contact us: ohamkrw@aol.com or media@cmmnj.org

Please send a letter to Governor Corzine and Attorney General Anne Milgram.

Below is video news from WPVI-TV Channel 6 in Philadelphia.

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