Sunday, December 6, 2009

Mary's Story

Below is Mary's story. Mary is in treatment for Ovarian Cancer in California and she wrote about how marijuana is helping her with her medical issues.

Mary was opposed to marijuana use until her own life was affected by it.

Currently, Mary is forbidden to vacation or visit friends in New Jersey, since the medicine she uses is illegal here.


Mary's Story

If someone viewed my life over the past year they’d most likely exclaim: “Wow- lots of intense medical challenges,” and that is true. But more importantly for me, it has been a year of both spiritual and emotional growth. Specifically dropping judgments and seeing the blessings in my life.

One judgment that I had was about marijuana users of any kind. I had always felt that people who smoked marijuana were kind of losers, “coping out.” And that the people using the system here in CA, were mostly junkies. Like they had some major character defect (that clearly I was without). And I’d have to say that the unknown made me fearful.

Then I had found myself having chemotherapy for ovarian cancer. My husband had suggested I try it after witnessing my nausea, even after a week where it was supposed to have passed. I’d also had trouble sleeping for months prior and did not want to take addictive pills. People ask: “Aren’t there medicines for nausea?” Well yes, however, medicines have major possible side effects and mine were also both exorbitantly expensive and hard to get on my health plan. We did not need any more stress. There was enough happening.

My judgment is gone completely now, for I am sleeping and eating and I cannot believe the difference it has made. It is so very important to sleep while on chemo- one’s body is working so hard to detox the metals- and rest is a vital part of recovery. And I have to say it has struck me glaringly how deeply rooted my judgment was in my need to be in control, fear of the unknown and being arrested (My Father was a policeman). These are things I need not worry about now. And we were so grateful that we did not have to go out on the street to get it. That brought much great relief to us both-- no fear of harmful extra substances or shenanigans.

Oh by the way- Both my Western MD and my Tibetan MD were champions of the cause. My Tibetan doc said: “We had marijuana farms in Tibet and were given the herb seed as children- it is good for your brain. It is only an herb. I do not understand the perception here- alcohol is so much more damaging to the liver and organs. Anything of course should be taken in moderation.” Smart men and very fortunate me. Thank you also wise and compassionate State of California. I wish this option for all states- no one should have to suffer unnecessarily. In fact marijuana has assisted beautifully in my recovery. I guess maybe it takes having a similar experience to be convinced?

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