Friday, December 18, 2009

John Wilson: Not guilty on most serious marijuana charge

Somerville- The jury returned a not guilty verdict to John Wilson on the first-degree felony charges against him. But the MS patient could still face time in prison after being found guilty of second-degree charges of ‘Manufacturing’ marijuana and third-degree possession of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

If he had been convicted of “operating and maintaining a marijuana production facility” John would have faced a minimum of 15 years in state prison. That could have amounted to a death sentence for the 37 year old because of the degenerative nature of the disease. He had grown seventeen cannabis plants after researching online how to cultivate medical marijuana.

Wilson was allowed to remain with his family on bail until his sentencing hearing on February 5, 2010. At such time, supporters hope, The New Jersey Compassionate Use Act could be a law.


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  1. I just wanted to say that I have supported this bill for a while now and actually wrote letters to my assemblymen and women and wrote letters for John Wilson. After reading this briefing I am extremely disappointed.... I am a nursing student and as far as I know hallucinogenic mushrooms are not medicinal in any form "third-degree possession of hallucinogenic mushrooms.
    " It makes me question my efforts not only in signing the petition on his behalf but also writing to my assemblymen and women on his behalf. If he was in possession of mushrooms then who is to say he was using the marijuana for medicinal purposes. While I urged my assemblymen and women to vote for the Senate version of the bill, I now wonder if the the assembly version is not more fitted for the public.